Susannah grew up surrounded by the arts and culture of Austin, Texas. she booked her first music gig as a 16 year old at one of the most well-respected venues in Austin, Strangebrew Loungeside (sadly, now closed), and her music career has been building since. Meanwhile, her award-winning films have screened in a variety of renowned film festivals, such as SXSW, Top Shorts Film Festival, Girls Impact The World, NYC Indie Film Awards, and more.

Susannah currently studies film at the University of Texas at Austin and is working on completing a short film titled “Rite of Passage,” starring Vogue model Tess McMillan. She hopes to continue using film as a medium to promote social justice and give a voice to the unique, buried stories that shape and define humanity. However, she also pursues a meaningful career through her music.

Susannah performed several solo shows while attending high school, backed on guitar by her high school sweetheart, Brendan Whyburn. The pair just recorded two singles, both about the rollercoaster of their very own relationship, making their performances raw and real. Susannah's voice spills out effortlessly and is a complete powerhouse, but she still manages to capture the vulnerability of sometimes very personal lyrics.  Susannah co-writes with her father, who brings a unique observer's perspective to her lyrics. “I Learned It For Myself” and “Lonely” are on all streaming services now.



A teenage boy questions his sexuality after being met with contempt for bleaching his hair.

I think Joffe has such a great talent for bringing out the depth of people’s souls in her films. I really felt the raw emotion in this one.
— Zain Asher, anchor at CNN International
Trailer #1 for the upcoming short film "Rite of Passage" directed by Susannah Joffe, starring Tess McMillan. Music owned by Billie Eilish.

Filmed and Edited by Susannah Joffe. “Hostess” won Best Experimental Film in the LA Film Awards, the Diamond award in the Hollywood Film Competition, and was a part of the official selection in Top Shorts Film Festival.

The short film, How You See Us, by Susannah Joffe, in my eyes, correctly portrays what it is like to be a teenage girl in 2017 and what girls from Generation Z are faced with every day.
— Jessie's Online Journal

This experimental short film explores the realities of living as a young woman in modern day America. “How You See Us” was featured in SXSW 2018 and Refinery29 Magazine.

The audio of President Trump’s vulgar words is jarring against Joffe’s ethereal images of girls helping other girls, a visual rebellion against the idea of womanhood so often presented in media.
— Jessica Chou, Refinery29

Makeup follows four high school freshmen in their exploration of what it means to wear makeup. “Makeup” was nominated for an American Vision Award and won a Regional Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition.

“I really love the tenderness and honesty in this work. The camera captures exceptional performances in the young stars, and I love how intimate it gets about the pain siblings have when they follow life’s path and are no longer there to protect each other. It’s just so great.”
— Pamela Ribbon, writer on Moana, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Smurfs: The Lost Village
Beautifully shot
— Lizzy Sanford, Director of Palisade, Hip Hip Hooray, and Rubber Heart.